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Meth Cleanup by iDry Restoration Restore the safety of your home or office and help provide a healthy environment for family or your employees.

Meth Clean-up Service

The number of illegal drug labs across the country has increased significantly due to the ongoing drug crisis. Varying from heroin to methamphetamine, these drug labs can be established in homes, hotel rooms, and even warehouses, without being noticed. The illegal production of drugs promote adverse implications on health and result in explosions or fires.

Several chemicals that are used for the production of methamphetamine are lethal on their own. Meth is a dangerous intoxicant that can be inhaled or ingested and may even lead to fires or explosions.

It is necessary to deploy meth clean-up services to prevent future contamination, which requires sanitisation and excellent ventilation. Our experts possess the knowledge needed for utilising advanced equipment, while our procedures are also compliant with the industry standard.

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine, which is commonly known as Meth is a powerful and addictive stimulant. It is injected, ingested, snorted, or smoked intravenously.

The production of Meth is quite simple, and people may even get addicted to it upon the first usage.

Addiction to Meth makes it as the priority of individuals, causing them to neglect their hygiene, home, work, family, and even their safety.

Decontamination is the priority if any building that has been occupied as a meth lab to ensure safety.

The Harmful Effects Of Meth

The manufacturing of meth results in the production of waste which is toxic and can last for a long time. iDry Restorations have certified decontamination experts, who give your property a clean bill of health after careful inspection to combat the poisonous chemicals. 

Surprisingly, every kilo of meth results in the production of five to seven pounds of harmful chemical waste. What is reckoning is the fact that these chemicals comprise of chloroform, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and other poisonous compounds. If the production of the lab discontinues, people are still susceptible to the following health hazards:
Psychological illness
Liver damage
Kidney Problems
Liver damage

Two Types of Meth Testing

iDry Restorations performs a tests to identify if a property is contaminated by meth. There two types of tests we do. Details are below:
Standard Meth Testing
iDry Restorations performs a standard meth testing to determine the presence of meth at the respective location. When it comes to purchase and usage, meth is an intolerable stimulant for individuals. This leads to a growing need to perform standard meth testing as it assists in resolving the basic query regarding the presence of meth at a particular location. iDry Restorations further encourages the implementation of comprehensive meth testing for determining the exact location of meth, which tends to be relatively expensive.

Comprehensive testing is an effective method for minimising the risks regarding the presence of undiscovered residues of meth due to the selection of incorrect rooms. A negative result driven from our test results provides certainty and absolute assurance to our clients that no meth is present at the location.
Comprehensive Meth Testing
Comprehensive meth testing is performed to get the exact details regarding the presence of meth in a particular area or room. Some of our clients seek to determine the presence of meth in different areas of their home by identifying its exact location.

Individual kits are used for comprehensive testing to sample specific areas to undertake. However, we recommend conducting standardised testing first as extensive meth testing tends to be relatively costly.

The use of comprehensive meth testing is considered as a cost-effective method, allowing people to understand meth residues appropriately. Unlike in-field test kits, it is considered as a technically sound alternative by sampling every area in a particular property. The number of areas selected for sampling is inversely proportional to missing out meth residues in problematic areas.

Why Choose iDry Restoration?

iDry Restorations is the best in the market, offering affordable and fast remediation and decontamination services for real estate brokers, investors, and property owners for methamphetamine contamination. 

Get peace of mind and reduce your liability by choosing a certified decontamination services provider as our compliance for property inspection is accompanied by a 100% guarantee. Our specialists are knowledgeable and professional in assisting our clients to gain insights regarding the process of remediation and the required frame of time for completion of the project. 

iDry Restorations focuses on delivering a 100% effective solution with increased efficiency at a lower cost ensuring through the implementation of its proven remediation strategy. This is essential as every meth lab is subject to different remediation, which is catered by the following components of our value equation:
Neutralisation of contamination caused by Meth and associated residue of chemicals.
Availability of certified specialists for decontamination on every job site.
100% Decontamination Compliance Guarantee by iDry Restorations
Implementation of proven protocols by our experienced staff for a faster occupancy time-frame through minimisation of remediation time.

Meth Decontamination Process:

Once the presence of meth is confirmed by comprehensive testing, we receive a detailed assessment report from the accredited laboratory. In the report, there are recommendations for decontamination procedure. Then the property is secured and "DO NOT ENTER" signs are placed at the entrance. The contaminated area is then ventilated to ensure oxygen levels are with standard limits. A plan is created to show security concerns, the state of utilities on property and type of PPE required for workers. The plan also outlines decontamination methods, including removal vs cleaning. Here is our standard process of meth decontamination:
Item Removal
All porous items are removed from the property. All items are physicaly damaged so that they can not be reused. 
Biohazard Removal
Als chemical waste and biohazard material are removed and disposed of the property. All surfaces are vacuumed using HEPA vacuum. 
Neutralise Surfaces
Walls, ceilings and other affected surfaces are treated using appropriate chemicals. All sinks, toilets and drains are flushed with specialised
neutralising chemicals.
AC Cleanup
AC units and vents are cleaned. In case of severe contamination, AC units and vents are removed and disposed.
Soil Check
Sometimes the soil around the property is also contaminated. We perform soil check and if required, we remove contaminated soil also.
Exterior Clean
Exterior cleaning of the property is also carried out if required. We use truck-mounted machines with hot water and steam to clean the exterior of the property.

Contact Us For Reliable Meth Decontamination Services

The success rate of your restoration project is lindepends on the choice of your contractor. Your property deserves the best, so do not subject yourself to any harm. Your satisfaction is our top priority. iDry Restorations is at your service as long as you are not satisfied and comfortable with your property again.

iDry Restorations offers its meth clean-up services for different clients including:

• Commercial property owners and investors
• Real estate agents
• Homeowners
• Any individual who is sceptical regarding the presence of Meth at their property

Always remember not to a clean meth contaminated lab on your own due to the risk of intoxication. But do not worry! iDry experts can quickly and efficiently decontaminate your contaminated home or business.

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