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A fire on your property can be a traumatic event, but its aftermath can be even more dangerous than you think. It is crucial to take special care after a fire incident to prevent permanent damage to your property and your health. Restoring and recovering your property after a fire is a very critical process which may put you in direct contact with hazardous smoke and soot. iDry Restorations have a team of certified and experienced professionals working to get your fire affected property back to normal. 

Fire Damage Restoration Service

A fire on your property, no matter how big or small, can be a highly traumatic incident that is hard to forget. Apart from the toll it takes on your mental wellbeing. Fire is also detrimental to you and your property’s health. The smoke created due to fire produces toxic soot and leaves a residue that can often be fatal if inhaled. A fire is not only the  danger when it comes to destroying your house, the smoke can also permanently stain and discolor your valuables while damaging walls..

Extended exposure to this acidic smoke can lead to degradation and irreparable damage. Metals are tarnished, wooden furniture deteriorates and other materials begin to crumble. As time goes on, fire damage may spread and worsen, making fire and soot damage restoration even more tedious and costly.
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What Cause Fire Damage?

A variety of things can cause fires. Sometimes all it takes to light a fire is a small match. Here are some common causes of fires in properties:
Kitchen fires caused by leaving the oven or stove on.
Electronic wiring short circuit
Fireplace malfunction  
Fireworks & Heaters

The Harmful Effects of Fire and smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage can have long term effects on your property and your health. Some of the main types of damage that can be caused due to fire, smoke and soot in your property include:
External Damage
The acidic properties of smoke and soot make it highly toxic and detrimental to any surface that it lands on. Prolonged exposure to these materials can cause cosmetic damage to walls, ceilings, carpets and flooring. It can also lead to rusting of metals and corrosion of wooden furniture.
Structural Damage
Apart from the cosmetic damage that destroys the appearance of your property, fire damage may also affect its very foundation. The structural damage retained during severe fires can be irreparable in many cases. Firefighters may use high-pressure water that can also result in the weakening of structures.
Health Damage
Nothing is more important than your health and a fire damage incident is perhaps most lethal to your wellbeing. Burning of different materials releases toxic fumes and residue that settles all over the property. Without proper safety gear such as gas masks, this residue can easily be inhaled and cause poisoning and respiratory problems.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage restoration is a multi-step process after which your property can fully return to its former condition. It starts with a thorough initial assessment and diagnosis of the situation. After creating a strategy, we dive into the process and work with a dedication on each step to give the best results. Here’s how we conduct fire damage restoration:
First Step
Seal and Secure
We know how devastating a fire can be and leave it exposed to external elements. That's why the first thing we do is board up windows and ceilings to keep your property safe.
Second Step
Dry Out
Water may collect in the property as a result of the firefighting efforts to put out the fire. Our fire clean-up services ensure that all the water is safely extracted through large pumps and vacuums. After extraction and removal of the water, we dry out the premises using commercial grade dehumidifiers and blowers that leaves your property free from the threat of mould growth.
Third Step
Remove Smoke and Soot
We practice smoke damage cleaning through a variety of tried and tested methods that can remove smoke and soot from the air. These include the use of air scrubbers, hydroxyl and ozone generators to restore air quality. Once air quality is improved, we use a combination of dry sponging and damp wiping to remove soot from walls, ceilings and other items.
Fourth Step
Next, we disinfect and deodorise the affected area to improve air quality and remove hazardous smoke residue from the property. The property is further treated with antimicrobials in case of water damage to prevent mould growth and the spread of diseases.
Fifth Step
Once the property is free from smoke, soot and odour, we can restore, reconstruct and rebuild your property so you can eventually bounce back after the damage. This step depends on the extent of damage and may include anything from repainting walls and installing carpets to rebuilding structures. It is your choice if you want to use your builder for this step.

iDry Restorataion - Fire Damage Restoration and Clean-up Services

Attempting fire damage restoration or smoke damage cleaning on your own can be a dangerous feat. Without training and equipment, this can be a fatal undertaking that is not advised under any circumstances. 

iDry restorations is an expert in fire clean-up services with a special focus on fire damage restoration in emergencies. Our team of trained and qualified engineers respond quickly to secure your property from long-term damage. Not only do we provide fire cleaning services, but we also offer restoration to rebuild your property. Here are some reasons why you might want iDry Restorations to be your fire damage restoration expert.
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Stay Secure in a dangerous fire emergencies.
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Reliable services with a customer centric approach.
An all in one solution from clean-up to restoration.

Call Now for Reliable Fire and Smoke damage Restoration Services

May it be a small fire caused by a stove or a large catastrophic one, we know how to deal with all kinds of fire damage and restore your property to its original condition. Fire damage needs to be addressed immediately and any delays can only make the situation worse. Regardless of the severity and extent of loss, we are always ready for a challenge.

Our team of empathetic and professional workers will work with you every step of the way to give you the peace of mind you need after a traumatic fire incident. Fire, smoke and soot can be detrimental to your health. We will ensure to scrub your property clean of any health risks so you can return to a familiar place in no time.
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