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Whether the flood water has seeped into your walls or your carpet is wet, iDry Restorations can save you from all the replacing expenses with budget-friendly and effective flood restoration services. We use commercial cleaning equipment and trained staff who are very efficient at restoring all the damage caused by floods and making your life peaceful.

Flood Restoration Service

Flood An Increasing Health Threat
Thousands of buildings in Auckland are under threat of imminent flood damage caused by leaky or bursting pipes, hot water cylinder failure or poor maintenance. Every second counts in the aftermath of a home flood, every second counts. Time only speeds up the process of water damage, which quickly spreads all over your property. If not dealt with immediately, wet carpets encourage water drainage into flooring, walls and skirting boards, rendering your entire house weak, damp and musty. The threat of mould damage also increases in wet and musty houses. These conditions give way to serious health concerns, including asthma attacks for those who already suffer from allergies.
Here are some dangers of untreated water damage in your property:
 Growth of bacteria and mold
 Deterioration of air quality
 Weakening of internal structural support and integrity
 Highly expensive repair jobs
 Health hazards caused by a damp and musty environment.
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Wet Carpet Drying Services That Work

iDry restorations is the industry expert in wet carpet drying and structural drying, which is the least destructive and most effective solution for a flooded property. We will get to the root of the water damage problem and dry out your place to prevent further damage in terms of cost and livelihood. We use the latest truck-mounted machines to extract the water. The property is then dried using the latest drying equipment such as injectidry structure drying systems and drymatic heat drying mats. Flooding the carpet and structure drying is a time-consuming process but we will stay with you every step of the way with technicians who will check the progress after every 24 hours.
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Ultimate Solution: Flood Restoration Services

Flood restoration services are the ultimate solution to this growing problem. But the effectiveness of this approach lies in the quality of the service. Many restoration firms are too quick to destroy your existing property in hopes of stopping water damage. These companies neglect a crucial part of water damage restoration: Carpet Drying. In order to reclaim your property from water damage, the first thing to do is dry out the entire place. Many contractors neglect this step due to the time and effort it takes. We have a huge quantity of commercial dehumidifiers and air movers so we can handle multiple jobs at a time. If required we can use air scrubbers to improve the air quality of the property.

Why Hire iDry Restorations to Restore Your Water Damaged Property ?

Experts Technicians
Experts Technicians
iDry employs seasoned industry veterans with many years of experience under their belts and the necessary training and certification to work in the field.
Latest Extraction Tools
Latest Extraction Tools
Idry Restorations is equipped with the latest extraction tools such as truck-mounted extractors and water claws. These machines reduce drying time.
Large Inventory of Equipment
Large Inventory of Equipment
Our vast inventory of high quality equipment includes commercial  grade dehumidifiers and air movers ideal for wet carpet drying. 
Modern Diagnostics
Modern Diagnostics 
Equipment such as thermos-hygrometers, moisture sensors, and thermal imaging cameras allow us to assess the damage with high speed and precision.
24/7 Availability
24/7 Availability
Flood restoration is all about thinking and responding fast. We have 24/7 availability and quick response times to swiftly curtail the spread of water damage.
Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
Interacting with us is made easier through a dedicated team that will take care of your concern. We eliminate the hassle of contacting multiple contractors at once.
Larger Vehicles
Larger Vehicles
Our larger variety of vehicles, including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and LDV V80, allow us to rise above the competition by saving time and maximizing storage capacity.
Multitasking Capabilities
Multitasking Capabilities
We take pride in multiple services under one roof. We have carpet layers, builders, painters, electricians and other tradies to carry out the jobs swiftly and on time.

iDry Restoration is a division of Voxton Limited T/A CleaningPro.

Water Damage Restoration: How Is It Done?

We have developed a time-tested process that will eliminate your water damage problems. This is made possible due to our many skilled workers, modern equipment and specialized techniques which are all aimed at restoring the property back to its original condition.
First Step
Inspection and Damage Assessment 
The first step is to inspect your property and assess the level of damage based on particular categories and classifications. This is a job fit for our expert technicians, who then create a comprehensive plan to deal with water damage.
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Less than 5% of the building
5 to 40% (One whole room)
More than 40% (Almost whole building)
Special areas
Minimum damage and water absorption in some parts of a room.
Moisture has affected walls and carpeting of a whole room.
Worst scenario caused by severe flooding. Ceilings, floors and walls all are affected.
Surfaces such as stone, concrete and hardwood which need special techniques and tools for restoration.
Categorizing Flood Damage
Category 1.
Water damage caused by faulty or leaking pipes.
Caused by clean water source.
May escalate to category 2 or 3.
Category 2.
Also known as Grey Water. May cause disease.
Detergent water from dishwasher and washing machine is involved.
Category 1 damage escalates to Category 2 if not treated within 48 hours.
Category 3.
Black water. Grossly contaminated and may contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents.. 
Caused by sewage, rising water from rivers and seawater
Category 2 water if not removed promptly can be re-classified as category 3
Second Step
Water Extraction
After classifying the type of damage, plans and strategies are drawn up to solve the problem. Powerful equipment such as truck-mounted extractors and water claws are used for removing water. These tools can remove up to 91% of the water. Carpets are cleaned and sanitised to stop the growth of bacteria and mould. Having a completely water-free area is the top priority.
Third Step
Carpet and Structure Drying
This step involved the dehumidification process, which dries out the existing dampness in the premises to create a perfectly dry space. We use commercial grade dehumidifiers and air movers to efficiently dry your property. Depending on the extent of water damage, we may introduce advanced drying tools such as injectidry and drymatic. We also use air scrubbers to improve the air quality and neutralize the environment to protect your health.
Fourth Step
Cleaning and Sanitising
Water damage also affects the belongings of the resident. There is a need to sanitise all affected items to protect them from bacteria and mould growth. We provide special anti-bacterial treatment for all the affected contents, including linens, clothes, mattresses and others. If required, we may use air scrubbers to improve air quality and neutralise the environment to protect your health.
Fifth Step
Water damage restoration can be a painstaking process that involves much more than just wet carpet drying. The final step is the actual restoration of the building. Depending on the damage, we might need to replace the damaged gibboard and carpet to repaint the affected area.

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The key to success in water damage restoration is to act fast. Our team is skilled in all industry-standard practices that ensure a clean and healthy environment after a water damage situation. We provide quality services such as flooded carpet drying, wet carpet drying service and overall water damage restoration.
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