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Many forms of toxic mould are attributed to diseases, allergies and infections that affect humans and animals alike. Hence, once you see the first signs of mould, dealing with it should be your top priority. Usually, the presence of mould indicates a bigger water damage problem caused by leaky pipes, lousy plumbing or flood damage etc. If you think you have a mould problem in the house, contact iDry Restoration now. We will get it sorted for you.

Mould Remediation Service

Mould is a type of fungus that exists all around us in nature. When mould spores land of damp surfaces, they start spreading and growing on it. Mould plays an integral role in breaking down organic matter. While preventing mould completely can be impossible, the only way of controlling it is to control the moisture in the region. Since mould only thrives in moist areas, keeping your property dry can help prevent any breakouts.

Some materials in your space are more likely to house mould than others. Consistently damp areas in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements can be the ideal places for mould growth. Materials such as drywall, wooden panelling, ceiling tiles, mattresses and much more can have mould growing on them. 

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Cause Of Mould Growth

Mould is usually indicative of a more significant water damage issue in your property. Since we already have materials which contain high organic matter indoors, combining that with moisture encourages mould to proliferate. Here are some common causes of mould growth:
Persistent Moisture Source like a leaky pipe or bad drainage that causes water to collect in one area.
Consistent humidity caused by steam or a humid weather
Leaky ceilings caused by rain or flooding.
Water or flood damage that wasn’t dried out completely.
Improper drainage system for ACs

Black Mould and its Harmful Effects

Black mould is the most toxic type of mould that grows in indoor spaces and it attributes to a variety of health risks. It is identified by a greenish-black colour and a strong, musty smell in the affected area. Black mould is usually caused by category 3 flooding involving black water with contaminants in it. That may include sewage water, rainwater or seawater. However, black mould may also simply grow due to high moisture like any other kind of mould.
Here are some detrimental effects of black mould:
Black mould is toxic to the health and has a variety of harmful effects on the health
Can cause allergic reactions, asthmatic attacks and infections.
Flare up of allergies and other symptoms in people with weak immunity.
More harmful for children and adults.
Long term exposure can cause severe respiratory problems.
Causes discoloration and cosmetic damage.
Much like any other mould, it breaks down organic material such a wood, paint, drywall etc.
Sometimes it can be hard to identify black mould, so it is recommended to leave it to the professionals. Professional black mould removal services take care of toxic black mould so you can remain safe and secure from extended exposure.

Mould Remediation Process

Mould can be highly destructive to your property and internal structures if not correctly dealt promptly. Mould can weaken wood, drywall other building materials if left untreated. The property may develop structural issues causing crumbling of structure and other materials. Mould exposure can also cause severe health risks with consistent exposure. Mould remediation is a comprehensive process that includes mould treatment and mould cleaning services. These ensure that the mould does not reoccur due to underlying moisture issues. Mould remediation is a complicated and often high-risk process that is better left for the professionals. Here is how we conduct our mould remediation process:
First Step
Fix the Moisture Source
Mould growth is always a direct cause of a consistent source of moisture. As long as this source of moisture exists, mould will reoccur time and again, even after removing it repeatedly. Whether it is a burst pipe, leaky ceiling or high humidity in a room, this source needs to be fixed before getting rid of the mould to prevent future breakouts. We work with plumbers and builders to diagnose moisture source and expertly controlling this moisture through tried and tested techniques that work. We also employ water damage restoration techniques to eliminate damp areas.
Second Step
Remove the Mould
Once the moisture source is fixed, we stat mould remediation process. The mould affected area is then isolated to prevent cross-contamination. We build temporary containment, install negative pressure units, then the mould is ready to be removed. Often porous materials like wood, drywall, and carpets need to be replaced entirely. Materials contaminated by mould have to be disposed to prevent future growth.
Third Step
Disinfect and deodorise
Our next step is to HEPA vacuum and disinfect furniture, clothing, and other items to remove any sign of mould spores that could encourage mould to regrow. Air filtration equipment might be used to limit mould spores in the air and improve air quality. Deodorising affected areas can remove the musty smell of mould. If needed, we can also use ozone and hydroxyl generators.
Fourth Step
Restore and Refinish
Finally, mould remediation ends with restoring the affected area to its original condition. This includes replacing drywall, installing new carpeting or tiling, and repainting walls and ceilings.

Why Opt for Professional Mould Cleaning Services

Mould treatment is a job that is best left to the professionals. Handling mould remediation on your own can take its toll on your health and make the mould problem worse than before. Often mould is a sign of a more significant water damage problem that can be hard to pinpoint. Professional mould cleaners can not only identify if you have a black mould problem, but they can also identify its source and the best ways to fix it. iDry Restorations provides quality mould cleaning services, black mould removal and mould remediation in New Zealand.
Here’s why you should choose us as your mould remediation expert:
Fastest response times in case of a black mould removal emergency.
24 hour emergency mould remediation services.
Proper safety procedures and insured workers.
Minimise mould damage with special equipment and mould treatments.
Eliminate the risk of a mould regrowth by fixing underlying issues
A customer based approach with a fully transparent process.

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Handling anything from a small mould affected area to a larger mould infestation, we are the mould cleaning experts in New Zealand. iDry Restorations identifies the root of the problem and treats mould damage for long-term results. 

If you think you have a mould problem in your property, contact iDry Restorations now for a free estimate and get started on your mould remediation journey now!

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