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iDry Restoration is the go-to company for meth cleanup in Christchurch. We restore safety to your home or office and provide a healthy environment for family, friends, and employees. 

Meth Clean-up Service

The illicit drug trade is booming, and it's not just the cartels that are benefiting. Home-labs, small rooms, hotel suites, and warehouses across Christchurch have been found to be used as production facilities for illegal drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin, with devastating effects on society in general. 

Drugs are made from chemicals that can be highly lethal. Those who work with these substances often risk being exposed to hazardous explosions and fires if they inhale or come into contact with the drugs. 

The act of deploying our team to clean meth from your utilities is not only necessary, but it's also a solution for preventing damage. Our well-trained experts use advanced technology and techniques to do the job right, so you don't have any worries about what might happen after we leave. 

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine is a powerful and addictive stimulant, and meth can be smoked, digested, inhaled, or injected. 

The world is surprised to find out that meth can lead the user down a dark path of neglecting their health, hygiene, work life, or family. 

The Harmful Effects Of Meth

Meth production not only leaves behind toxic substances but also super-sticky byproducts that make cleanup tough for even the most experienced professionals. 

The production of one kilogramm is a toxic process. Chemicals such as chloroform, phosphoric acid, and hydrochloric acid are all highly poisonous to the human body. These chemicals have adverse effects on an individual's health, which can lead to skin rashes or other types of illness depending on what type was ingested in high doses. 
Psychological illness
Liver damage
Kidney Problems
Liver damage

Two Types of Meth Testing

iDry Restorations performs a tests to identify if a property is contaminated by meth. There two types of tests we do. Details are below:
Standard Meth Testing
Here at iDry Restorations, we perform multiple meth tests to test the existence of a specific compound. Meth is an intolerable substance if bought or used; for any location testing for meth, it's necessary to do standard methamphetamine testing programs, which are less expensive and more reliable, but even then, there are no guarantees as one cannot be certain where illegal production activities might occur. Comprehensive testing can help reduce the problems caused by this drug by giving negative results, so that your area stays free of illegal drugs. 
Comprehensive Meth Testing
Our team has extensive experience with meth testing, and we'll find out the chemical composition of any chemicals present on a surface . We can also locate areas in your home that may be contaminated for clean-up after you're done. We vigorously test for meth, so we can discover the precise location of an illegal lab. You can use this type of testing in a variety of industries and fields without the worry that it will be ineffective or insufficient. In addition to this service, our clients also want us to find specific areas in their homes that need removal from hazardous chemicals. 

Why Choose iDry Restoration?

iDry Restoration provides the best market rates, with a peace of mind that is affordable and manageable. Every person is given decontamination services at a level of understanding where they can be sure it will work for them too. 

The inspection process is difficult to navigate. But we have the team and expertise that you need! Our experts are knowledgeable and professional in assisting clients through this complex situation. With our 100% guarantee, your worries will be put at ease every step of the way. 

We have the best rates and success rate when it comes to removing meth contaminants. If you need your home or office cleaned, then call iDry today!
Neutralisation of contamination caused by Meth and associated residue of chemicals.
At every job-site we have Certified Professionals.
100% Decontamination Compliance Guarantee by iDry Restorations
Implementation of proven protocols by our experienced staff for a faster occupancy time-frame through minimisation of remediation time.

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If you need the best meth area cleaners in Christchurch, turn to iDry. We have a team of professionals who handle large and small jobs with ease-no matter what it is that has been affected by methamphetamine addiction or use (whether it’s just a room's worth or an entire house). Our experts not only identify problems but also eliminate root causes, so there are never any more issues down the line.
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