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Meth Cleanup by iDry Restoration Restore the safety of your home or office and help provide a healthy environment for your family or your employees. 

Meth Clean-up Service

Due to the ongoing drug crisis, the number of illegal drug centres and labs has significantly started to increase. From methamphetamine to heroin, drug labs are made in homes, small rooms, apartments, hotels, and even warehouses. These placement centres profoundly affect the individuals around them by promoting drugs and associated things. 

The chemicals that are used during the production of these drugs are highly lethal. Due to their high volatility, these chamicals can lead to intoxication if inhaled or used. 

To prevent damage, it is necessary to deploy meth cleaning services within specific areas. Our well-trained and qualified team knows the advanced technologies used for the cleaning of meth from different materials in an enhanced way. 

What is Meth?

Meth is a powerful stimulant known to be highly addictive. It can affect individuals in many ways. Most often it's breathed in or smoked, but some brave souls have tried eating and injecting the drug as well. 

Many people are surprised to find out that meth is highly addictive and can lead the user down a dark path of neglecting their health, hygiene, work life, and family. 

The Harmful Effects Of Meth

Meth production can result in waste production, which can prove itself to be highly toxic and adhesive. Here, at iDry Restorations, we have a team of highly efficient decontamination experts who can give the proper time and equipment to remove these meth clinics and laboratories. 

Every kilogram of meth creates highly poisonous and harmful chemicals, leading to adverse effects on an individual's health. These chemicals, on the whole, contain many toxic compounds, such as chloroform, phosphoric acid, and hydrochloric acid. Even if the labs are removed, the following health hazards can occur: 
Psychological illness
Liver damage
Kidney Problems
Liver damage

Two Types of Meth Testing

iDry Restorations performs a tests to identify if a property is contaminated by meth. There two types of tests we do. Details are below:
Standard Meth Testing
Here, at iDry Restorations, we perform multiple meth tests to test the existence of meth meth laboratories at their respective locations. Meth is an intolerable compound if bought or used. For the testing of any meth location, it is necessary to perform standard meth testing programs. The premium meth testing, recommended by us, is to find out the exact location where the illegal meth selling and production activities are going on. Comprehensive testing is considered an effective method for minimising meth-related issues. We always try to provide unfavourable results to our customers for the appropriate removal of meth laboratories. At best, we want to make sure that your area remains meth production free. 
Comprehensive Meth Testing
With our extensive meth testing, we assure you that you will get the exact details of the meth laboratories present within an area. Clients also seek to find particular areas within their homes for meth removal. 

We also use individual kits for the removal of meth, holding specific areas. We recommend first performing standard testing, as the comprehensive examination is detailed-oriented and costly. 

Meth residues and comprehensive meth testing are cost-effective methods. A technically sound and appropriate type of testing to test meth in any industry or field. 

Why Choose iDry Restoration?

iDry Restoration provides the best of the market with competitive services at affordable and manageable prices. The decontamination services are provided to every individual with a peace of mind and awareness. 

The inspections that we are providing are 100% guaranteed, along with an expert team. Our specialists are knowledgeable and professional, so they can help our clients understand how remediation works and how long it will take to finish a project. 

We at iDry offer the best and most affordable rates, as well as a 100% success rate in removing meth contaminated areas or industries. 
Neutralisation of contamination caused by Meth and associated residue of chemicals.
Availability of certified specialists for decontamination on every job site.
100% Decontamination Compliance Guarantee by iDry Restorations
Implementation of proven protocols by our experienced staff for a faster occupancy time-frame through minimisation of remediation time.

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We are the best meth area cleaners in Auckland, the best ones to handle anything from a relatively small meth affected area to a big one. Here, the iDry team not only figures out what the problems are but also fixes them all. 
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