Has your property been damaged by flooding, fire or mould? iDry makes restoration easy with expert services for flood, fire, and mould restoration to restore your peace of mind. Now your place can look as good as new and protect itself from future damage. iDry ensures top-quality services through an experienced team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment that makes restoration easier than ever before. Get in touch with us now to restore and refresh!
Flood Restoration, Fire Restoration, Mould Removal

Our Services

iDry provides high-quality restoration services at your doorstep anywhere in New Zealand. At iDry, we pride ourselves on our skilled workers, professional staff members, and top-grade equipment that make your restoration dreams a reality. We combine perfection and care to deliver services that meet the highest standards. Now eliminate long-term water, fire, or mould damage with iDry premium services.
Flood Restoration
Flood Restoration
Flooding in your property can cause severe water damage to the structure, rendering your place uninhabitable. Water damage demands immediate action for the best restoration results. iDry restoration responds swiftly and uses cutting-edge equipment for water drainage, wet carpet drying, and much more.
Fire Restoration
Fire Restoration
Fires can be destructive and damaging. In the aftermath of a fire, your property will suffer smoke and water damage that needs to be contained immediately. iDry delivers fire cleanup services with fast response times, experienced labor, and the best equipment to quickly restore your property to its former glory.
Mould Remediation
Mould Treatment
Mould can take over your property in the blink of an eye and cause great damage to your health. iDry Restoration’s mould remediation, mould cleaning, and treatment services provide a foolproof method to get rid of your mould problem for good. Contact us now for an assessment of your property and protection against dangerous mould.
Meth Cleanup
Meth Cleanup
iDry Restoration's professional restorers can restore the safety of your meth-contaminated property and help provide a safe environment for your family and tenants. iDry Restoration has the latest equipment and products to restore any size of meth contaminated site.
Floor Sanding
Eliminate minor scratches, burn marks and water spots from wood flooring throughout your home with iDry Restorations. Based in the Auckland region, we use a thorough, professional process to ensure that you get the best results no matter the condition of your floor.
Other Services
Other Services
iDry Restorations provides carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile cleaning services nationwide. In Auckland, we provide a wide variety of residential and commercial cleaning services under our sister company, CleaningPro. The main services are end-of-tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, curtain and blind cleaning, etc.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Flood, fire, or water damage can cause great devastation and loss of safety for you and your family. Our top priority is your safety, which we ensure through the fastest response times and a thorough restoration that lasts until you are satisfied. Our experience in dealing with severe damage allows us to quickly take control of your situation and provide positive results that make a difference. Contact us now for disaster recovery and damage control in any part of New Zealand and make use of our 24/7 emergency restoration service.
Emergency Restoration Service
24/7 Emergency Restoration
Any kind of damage to your property can be a huge blow. However, the key to leading a successful restoration is responding immediately. Every second counts!
Emergency Fire Restoration Service
Fire can be devastating
Fires can be destructive and damaging. In the aftermath of a fire, your property will suffer smoke and water damage that needs to be contained immediately.

Licensed & Certified Experts with Right Experience

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At iDry, we give you the opportunity to connect with the best in the business. Our 6+ years of experience in the restoration of dangerous conditions involving water, fire, and mould damage has equipped us with the right expertise to make restoration easier. After going through the trauma of a critical flooding, fire, or mould problem in your property, letting our skilled workers take care of it is the most stress-free solution. We are licenced and certified in restoration practises by relevant authorities in New Zealand and trained to perfection. With fast response times, certified staff, and 24/7 services, iDry is the leading contractor of restoration services in New Zealand. iDry provides swift emergency services round the clock, so you never have to suffer in silence. Contact us now to restore and recover your valuable property today!
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Licensed & Certified Experts in New Zealand

About iDry Restorations

Our flood restoration service was started 7+ years ago. Since then, we have grown at an explosive rate. That growth has led us to create a separate division for restoration services, and iDry Restorations was born. iDry Restorations is the leading provider of restoration and remediation services in New Zealand. We provide a wide variety of services, including mould treatment, water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, meth decontamination, and asbestos removal. With 7+ years of experience under our belts, we provide the most professional and thorough solution to your restoration problems. Choosing the right contractor affects the success rate of your restoration project. Don’t subject yourself to further harm because your property deserves the absolute best. iDry restorations make YOU the top priority of the project. Again, our job is only done when you are comfortable and satisfied with your property again.
24 hour response
Onsite within an hour of call.
Certified by IICRC
Licensed and certified professionals.
Large Investory
Allows us to tackle multiple jobs at time.
Excellent Customer Support
Better customer satisfaction.
Latest Technologies
Modern drying and diagnostic tools.
Latest Extraction Tool
Allow much quicker drying time.

Your Prime Restoration Contractor in New Zealand

We can be your prime water, mould, and fire restoration experts in New Zealand to help you return to your normal life in no time. iDry Restorations assists you with mould treatment, fire cleanup, smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, and much more. Here’s how we can ensure you get the best results:
. Modern techniques combined with advanced technology 
. High quality equipment
. Sophisticated industry knowledge and 6+ years of experience.
. The best rates for a worthy investment. 
. We are licenced and certified.
. A customer centric approach.
Are you a victim of flooding, fire, or mould damage? Contact us now for an assessment. Our services are just a call away.
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Innovative Diagnostics & Monitoring Solutions

24 Remote Monitoring
24/7 Remote Monitoring 
iDry restorations is the first company in New Zealand to start remote monitoring of air temperature and humidity.
Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting
We use state-of-the-art software to record content, pre-existing damage, and produce reports for work in progress.
Modern Diagnostic Tools
Modern Diagnostic Tools
Swift and accurate damage assessment and diagnostics with sophisticated equipment such as thermos-hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras.
Expert at iDry Restorations is monitoring Air temperature and humidity

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