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iDry Restoration's trained staff will restore the safety of your home or office. Our company is committed to providing a healthy environment for families and employees alike.

Meth Clean-up Service

Illegal drug centres and labs have significantly started increasing due to the ongoing drug crisis. This creates a ripple effect that spreads through every segment of society, as people are exposed to drugs from all angles - homes, small rooms, compartments at hotels and warehouses alike. These placement centers promote drugs which dramatically affect individuals around them by encouraging addiction or use for other illicit activities.

The chemicals used in the production of these drugs are highly toxic. If inhaled or ingested, they can lead to hazardous explosions and fires which have always been a problem with drug-making industries for decades.

With more and more cases of meth addiction on the rise, it is necessary to deploy competent cleaning services in order to prevent damages that could cost you a lot. Our team knows how to use advanced technologies for specific purposes while also enhancing your home or business's aesthetics with our service!

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine and meth for short. This powerful and adhesive stimulant can take over the body of an individual with a single dose! It's smoked or snorted as well, but it can also be injected into someone else's bloodstream.

Many people are shocked to learn that meth is highly addictive and can lead the user down a dark path of neglecting their health, hygiene, work life, or family.

The Harmful Effects Of Meth

Meth production can result in highly toxic and adhesive waste that requires special equipment to be removed. At IDry Restorations, we have a team of expert decontamination teams who are able to clean up these meth clinics and laboratories so they're safe for people again.

Every kilogram of meth created has hazardous chemicals that can easily lead to health problems and life-threatening situations. These dangerous compounds include chloroform, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid - all toxic substances that will cause damage if they enter the bloodstream in large quantities. Even when a lab is removed from an area or closed down completely for good these harmful toxins still linger around, the following effects can be seen:
Psychological illness
Liver damage
Kidney Problems
Liver damage

Two Types of Meth Testing

iDry Restorations performs a tests to identify if a property is contaminated by meth. There two types of tests we do. Details are below:
Standard Meth Testing
Here, at iDry Restorations, we perform multiple meth tests to test the existence of meth. Meth is an intolerable compound if bought or used and laboratory testing for any location where illegal activity, including production, is happening has been useful in finding out more about this dangerous substance. Comprehensive testing can minimize these issues as well by providing unfavorable results that may help remove a potential lab from your area so you have less need to be concerned with its presence. Lastly, we will keep your area safe so that it remains free from meth production.
Comprehensive Meth Testing
With our extensive meth testing, we assure you of the best all-inclusive details of any and every methamphetamine laboratory in the area. We also offer clients a service that helps them identify potential locations for their home's elimination.

Chemical kits are a popular option for removing meth, and as such our company has the necessary tools to get started . With our extensive meth testing, we assure you the best all-inclusive details of any and every methamphetamine laboratory in an area. We also offer clients a service that helps them identify potential locations for their home's elimination. We recommend performing standard testing first because it is less expensive than comprehensive examination tests .

Why Choose iDry Restoration?

iDry Restoration is a company that specializes in making your home, business or vehicle safe and clean. You can expect competitive pricing for high quality workmanship that ensures peace of mind from their services.

We provide 100% guaranteed inspections to our clients and an expert team that can answer any questions. Our specialists will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your project by giving insights regarding the remediation process duration.

At iDry, we promise to provide you with the best rates and a 100% success rate in removing meth contamination.

Neutralisation of contamination caused by Meth and associated residue of chemicals.
At every job-site we have Certified Professionals.
100% Decontamination Compliance Guarantee by iDry Restorations
Implementation of proven protocols by our experienced staff for a faster occupancy time-frame through minimisation of remediation time.

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We are one of the best meth area cleaners in Wellington, and we're here to take care of any size problem. Not only do we identify where there is a problem, but our iDry team will eliminate all traces of it by getting rid of everything from your home's foundation up! It is 100% Guaranteed.
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