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Mould is a form of many toxic diseases, infections and allergies that can affect individuals in an adverse manner. So, whenever there are problems with moulding it should be dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid any further injury or infection. Mould situations may occur due to leakage from dirty drainage pipes and flood damage which will make the problem worse if left untreated for too long. If you have serious concerns about mould, contact iDry Restorations who will take care of all your needs at once!

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Mould Remediation Service

Mould is a type of fungus that can be found all around nature, typically causing problems when it begins to spread because mould spores land on different surfaces. It's important to keep the property dry as this will prevent any organic matter from being broken down and you'll have less of an issue with mold growth in your damp area.

In the damp areas of your house, mould can grow that may lead to illnesses. This includes kitchens, laundry and bathrooms - all places where water is present at least some of the time.

The inside locations for mold growth are pretty clear: if you have a kitchen with wet walls or laundry room floors from leaks in pipes above them then these should be under observation for prevention against moulds getting out of hand.
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Cause Of Mould Growth

Mould is a tough water damage issue in your home. We have materials that are made of all-natural and organic substances, which work to fight against the difficulty. Combine this with humidity for even more potent results!

Mold can be an advanced serious water harm problem in your house. Maintaining moisture levels low defeats mould growth as well as dampness increases its potency in combating it. Here are some absolute reasons for Mould Growth:
High Pipeline drainage in a specific area
Consistent humidity caused by steam or a humid weather
Leaky ceilings caused by rain or flooding.
Water or flood damage that wasn’t dried out completely.
Improper drainage system for ACs

Black Mould and its Harmful Effects

Black mould has been found to be one of the most dangerous things in homes, and it is likely that you will find this substance growing from any source of liquid moisture. This type can grow due to heavy rains or floods, but also because we might not have enough ventilation with a humid climate. It's easy to identify black mold by its greenish-black color and misty smell!
Black mould is toxic to the health and has a variety of harmful effects on the health
Can cause allergic reactions, asthmatic attacks and infections.
Flare up of allergies and other symptoms in people with weak immunity.
More harmful for children and adults.
Long term exposure can cause severe respiratory problems.
Causes discoloration and cosmetic damage.
Much like any other mould, it breaks down organic material such a wood, paint, drywall etc.
Toxic black mould can be tricky to identify, but if you leave it up to professionals they will take care of the problem. Professional services handle all toxic mold removal so that people don't have long term exposure and are safe from harm.

Why Opt for Professional Mould Cleaning Services

Black moulds can be found in the dampest and darkest corners of your home, where they thrive on water-damaged building materials. Left untreated, black mould will infect every room with no mercy or consideration for who it targets - you or children! The best way to protect yourself is by hiring an expert company like iDry Restorations in Wellington that specializes in mold removal and restoration services.
Here’s why you should choose us as your mould remediation expert:
Fastest response times in case of a black mould removal emergency.
24 hour emergency mould remediation services.
Proper safety procedures and insured workers.
Minimise mould damage with special equipment and mould treatments.
Eliminate the risk of a mould regrowth by fixing underlying issues
A customer based approach with a fully transparent process.

Give iDry Restoration A Call

We are the best mould cleaners and restorers in Wellington who will help you with any size problem! If there is a small area that has been affected by mold or if it's an entire house we know how to handle it.

Our qualified team not only identifies the root cause but also finds ways for success so your home can be clean again.

Don't let this mould infestation get out of hand. Get a free estimate now from our professionals and start tackling the problem before it's too late!

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