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Mould can be a dangerous form of many toxic infections and allergies that can affect anyone in an adverse way. When there's mould around, dealing with the infection should be given top priority. The problem may occur if pipes leak dirty water or get damaged during flooding; so contact iDry Restorations for help at once to fix it up!
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Mould Remediation Service

Mould is a type of fungus that can be found in many different places, such as drainage pipes and leakage areas. Mould spores will land on other surfaces just waiting to propagate their seeds across the area. It's not uncommon for organic matter to decompose due to mould; this makes it an issue that should be taken care of immediately before things get out-of-control! The best course of action when dealing with mold is keeping your property dry at all times because water provides moisture which feeds these pesky fungi.

Moulds are a horrible and resilient type of fungus that can grow in damp areas. Mould spores will often cling to these kinds of environments, so it's important for homeowners and renters alike to keep an eye on their space for any signs of mould growth, which may include black spots, greenish-brown patches, cottage cheese-looking droplets at top surfaces like wallpaper or ceiling tiles. If you have noticed visible mold within your home then be sure to get rid of it as soon as possible!

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Cause Of Mould Growth

Mold is a progressive serious home water damage issue. We have materials that are made with high natural and organic substances to help combat this problem, in addition to moisture helps keep the mold from growing more of an issue. Here are some reasons for mould growth:
High Pipeline drainage in a specific area
Consistent humidity caused by steam or a humid weather
Leaky ceilings caused by rain or flooding.
Water or flood damage that wasn’t dried out completely.
Improper drainage system for ACs

Black Mould and its Harmful Effects

Black mould is as deadly to human health as it sounds. It thrives in the dampest of areas, and can be identified by its greenish-black color leaves that are blanketed with a heavy misty smell. This type of mold becomes airborne due to flooding or other ways for water contamination which includes rainwater, sea water, savage waters etc., high moisture levels within an area also provide fertile ground for black mold growth

Black mould can be a difficult nuisance to identify, so if you see any signs of it in your home or business then don't hesitate to contact us at iDry Restorations for professional assistance. We have the skills needed to clean up black mold without letting it spread throughout your property!
Black mould is toxic to the health and has a variety of harmful effects on the health
Can cause allergic reactions, asthmatic attacks and infections.
Flare up of allergies and other symptoms in people with weak immunity.
More harmful for children and adults.
Long term exposure can cause severe respiratory problems.
Causes discoloration and cosmetic damage.
Much like any other mould, it breaks down organic material such a wood, paint, drywall etc.
Black mould is often difficult to identify, so that's why it can be good to leave the issue with professionals. Professional black mold removal services will ensure your home and family are safe from toxic spores by completely removing them for you!

Why Opt for Professional Mould Cleaning Services

Professionals know the techniques and tools to purify your property from the harmful mould, that can affect badly and intensely. Handling mold at your own risk can be tragic not only for you but also for those around you, such as family members or loved ones. So it's recommended to leave this task up to some dedicated professionals who have expertise in handling these things with all their consequences taken into consideration including removal of other types of contaminants at once by using a team approach where necessary so they don't come back or never show up again!
Here’s why you should choose us as your mould remediation expert:
Fastest response times in case of a black mould removal emergency.
24 hour emergency mould remediation services.
Proper safety procedures and insured workers.
Minimise mould damage with special equipment and mould treatments.
Eliminate the risk of a mould regrowth by fixing underlying issues
A customer based approach with a fully transparent process.

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We are the best mould cleaners and restorers in Christchurch, with a variety of solutions for any size project. Here at iDry Restorations we not only identify the problem, but also find its root cause so that it doesn't come back again!

We can handle anything from small to large projects - if you need mold removed just call us today!

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