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A fire on your property can be a traumatic event, but its aftermath can be even more dangerous than you think. It is crucial to take special care after a fire incident to prevent permanent damage to your property and your health. Restoring and recovering your property after a fire is a very critical process which may put you in direct contact with hazardous smoke and soot. iDry Restorations have a team of certified and experienced professionals to get your fire affected property back to normal. 

Fire Damage Restoration Service

A fire accident can be highly traumatic on you and your family and it is totally hard to forget. The incident also takes upon the mental and physical well being of an individual. The property just faded away in the blazes of fire. Smoke residues that fire leaves after themselves can be fatal for an individual if inhaled. The belongings and valuables also became disturbed, decolorized and unusable after the incident of fire. The fire would also damage the flooring and walls of the property if it occurred. 

The neglect of a fire can cause irreparable and degrading issues in the home.

A neglected candle or cigarette could burn your house down, every day closer to becoming an unlivable space for you and your loved ones. Don't let this happen! After a fire affects a property, furniture deteriorates, metals are tarnished and eventually thrown away and wooden furniture begins deteriorating. With the passage of time, these fire damages can become more intense and worse.

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What Cause Fire Damage?

Fires can be devastating to any property, and there are many different things that can cause them. Some of the most common causes for fires in a home include:
Kitchen fires caused by leaving the oven or stove on.
Electronic wiring short circuit
Fireplace malfunction  
Fireworks & Heaters

The Harmful Effects of Fire and smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage can have long term effects on your property and your health. Some of the main types of damage that can be caused due to fire, smoke and soot in your property include:
External Damage
Highly toxic properties of soot and smoke cause miserable damage to the external surface of a property. If the exposure to the fire is prolonged than usual, then it can highly affect walls, ceiling, carpets, and other materials in an adverse manner. Corrosion of metals can also occur.
Structural Damage
Fire can severely affect the foundations of a property, other than the physical damage that it creates. If the damage happens to the foundation, it can affect the property and is surely irreparable if not reported at the perfect time. High-pressure water from firefighters can affect the structure.
Health Damage
Nothing can compare with a healthy and a healthy life, but fire incidents can leave fatal effects on your mind and wellbeing. Toxic residues are produced by the burning and combustion effect of fire and other materials that can highly be poisoned if inhaled by an individual.

iDry Restorataion Fire Damage Restoration and Clean-up Services

The actions that are to be taken against fire restoration all by ourselves without any equipment are proved hazardous and dangerous. It is extremely dangerous to take action on fire without proper equipment.
Here at iDry Restorations , we provide our services along with proper equipment and tools. 

These tools are developed using high quality standards and techniques. Our team of highly skilled professionals are always ready to give you services prior to the problems they will face. You can take due to the following reasons:
Free Assessment without any obligations
Stay Secure in a dangerous fire emergencies.
Effective Business with our certified team.
Get Faster Response - Almost under 30 Seconds on phone
Customer centric approach along with reliability.
An all in one solution from clean-up to restoration.

Call Now for Reliable Fire and Smoke damage Restoration Services

We are a team of highly dedicated individuals serving our lives in helping people, may it be a highly catastrophic fire, or may it be a low one, we are available to help you out. Fire incidents are the ones that need to be reported at a given time interval or they can result in worse situations. Regardless of anything, we are always available to help our customers. 

We take serving the people of Auckland as our family, the challenge is just to protect the individuals. Our team is always dedicated towards ensuring the safety of you, your property, your friends and family. We will ensure that we scrub off the fire damage that happened at your property in an authentic way.
Call us now for a free estimate and get started on your fire damage restoration now!
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