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Case Study: Flood Damage Restoration for Home Ideas Showroom


iDry Restorations was contacted by a commercial client who experienced a Category 3 flood event caused by rainwater from outside, including mud. The flood resulted in damage to the walls, carpeted areas, furniture, and rugs. All affected areas had high moisture readings. Our team was tasked with efficiently extracting the water, cleaning, disinfecting, and drying the affected areas.


Our team carried out the following steps to restore the client's property:

  • Initial visit and assessment (29/01/2023): Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the iDry Restorations team arrived on-site after hours on a Sunday morning. They conducted a thorough assessment of the affected areas and formulated a customized restoration plan to address the specific needs of the client. The team extracted the excess water from the carpet using industrial-grade water extractors, followed by cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas. The team then installed commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to start the drying process (45 blowers and 12 dehumidifiers).
  • Second visit and progress monitoring (30/01/2023): The team returned to the site to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments. They cleaned out mud and removed the damaged carpet, rubbish, and affected furniture. The carpark and driveway areas were also cleaned and restored to their original condition. During this visit, the team added 14 blowers and 4 dehumidifiers to expedite the drying process.
  • Third visit and continued restoration (31/01/2023): The team completed the cleaning and disinfecting process, removing all damaged materials, such as carpets and rugs. They also emptied water containers and ensured all drying equipment was running optimally to facilitate efficient moisture removal.
  • Fourth visit and collaboration with contractors (01/02/2023): Builders were on site to cut gib walls and remove wooden flooring in some areas. The iDry Restorations team worked closely with these contractors to ensure a seamless restoration process. The team cleaned and disinfected the exposed floors and added 6 blowers and 3 dehumidifiers to continue the drying process.
  • Fifth visit and diligent monitoring (02/02/2023): Builders continued working on gib walls and wooden flooring. The iDry Restorations team remained there to keep monitoring moisture readings in wooden structures and walls, emptying bins, and maintaining the drying equipment to ensure optimal performance.
  •  Sixth visit and equipment removal (03/02/2023): The iDry Restorations team conducted a final site visit to assess the overall progress and take moisture readings. The builders were still working on the site, removing gib walls and fixing wooden structures. At the client's request, the team removed the drying equipment, and a work stoppage form was signed.


Throughout the restoration process, iDry Restorations demonstrated its expertise in flood damage restoration by effectively managing the drying of the affected areas using a total of 293 blowers and 82 dehumidifiers. The client's property was meticulously cleaned and disinfected, with all damaged materials removed and disposed of according to IICRC/S500 international standards.

While the equipment was removed at the client's request before all areas reached the drying goal, our team successfully mitigated the majority of the flood damage.

iDry Restorations' professional and efficient approach to flood damage restoration allowed the client to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible. This case study showcases our commitment to providing exceptional service, technical expertise, and seamless collaboration with other contractors, ensuring a positive experience and outcome for our valued clients.

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