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Case Study: Comprehensive Flood Damage Restoration for a Commercial Building


New Zealand Blood Service Limited

Date of Service

27/01/2023 - 21/02/2023


iDry Restorations was contacted by a client who experienced a devastating category 3 flood in their commercial building due to rain leakage from the ceiling and the car park. This case study highlights the effective approach and commitment of iDry Restorations in addressing the client's flood damage and restoring the affected areas to their pre-flood condition.


The client's commercial building experienced a category 3 flood, which affected the basement floor, car park, ground floor, and level 1. The flood caused significant water damage to the carpet, walls, and other surfaces in various sections of the building.


iDry Restorations provided a rapid response to the client's emergency, visiting the site after hours on 27/01/2023. The team extracted excessive water from the carpet and other affected areas and cleaned and disinfected all surfaces. Commercial dehumidifiers and blowers were installed to initiate the drying process. The team followed IICRC/S500 international standards and recommended replacing the carpet in affected areas and disposing of porous/semi-porous materials affected by category three flooding.

Monitoring and Adjustments

iDry Restorations maintained consistent communication with the client and conducted regular site visits to monitor the moisture levels in all affected areas. The team adjusted equipment placement and removed equipment as needed throughout the drying process. These adjustments ensured optimal drying performance and timely restoration of the affected areas.


The restoration process faced several challenges, including the need to cut open wall sections and remove insulation to expedite drying. Additionally, the air conditioning system failed during the drying process, causing the temperature to rise and slowing down the drying process. Despite these challenges, iDry Restorations remained committed to providing the best possible service to the client.


iDry Restorations successfully restored the affected areas to safe moisture levels. The team removed significant amounts of equipment as moisture levels decreased, including:

  • Level 1: 66 blowers and 21 dehumidifiers
  • Ground floor: 19 blowers and 7 dehumidifiers
  • Basement: 31 blowers and 12 dehumidifiers
  • Carpark: 2 blowers and 1 dehumidifier

Throughout the process, iDry Restorations provided regular updates and recommendations to the client, ensuring their satisfaction and safety.


iDry Restorations recommended that the client replace the carpet in the affected areas as per IICRC/S500 international standard for category three flooding. They also suggested cutting small sections of affected walls to speed up the drying process.


This case study demonstrates the dedication, expertise, and comprehensive approach of iDry Restorations in handling complex flood damage restoration projects. By providing quick response times, continuous monitoring, and effective solutions, iDry Restorations ensures client satisfaction and the successful restoration of affected areas to their pre-flood condition.

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