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Asbestos exposure can cause serious health and safety issues. iDry Restoration ensure safe Asbestos removals so you can get on with renovation.  

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For the removal of specific Asbestos-related problems, proper rules and regulations should be followed up. There should be effectively managed law enforcement, for improper removal, disposal and removing of Asbestos. Techniques for the safe removal of Asbestos should be ensured, so that people cannot get exposed to airborne fibres of Asbestos. Homeowners should never take actions against the removal of Asbestos, as it is harmful.
For the removal and reduction of Asbestos, it is highly recommended not to appoint agencies or laboratories that are non-certified. 

Always prefer to use the services of the companies, that are highly trained in the removal of Asbestos from a particular area. Here at iDry, the experts determine the exact locations where Asbestos is present, and through a thorough inspection and strategy making, proper actions are taken.
Numerous diseases arise through asbestos presence, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. 

The fibres of Asbestos are highly toxic, and they can create a high number of poisonous compounds. These fibres are nearly unidentifiable by a naked eye, and the chances of exposure to diseases become easier. These fibres are lodged in the linings of different organs if inhaled or ingested, resulting in health issues in the abdomen, lungs, and the heart.
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Two Types of Asbestos

Fariable Asbestos
Class A or Friable Asbestos
Not too toxic, but dangerous, class A asbestos is typically known as friable Asbestos. As per suggested by the name, this type of Asbestos is crumbled easily into its dry state. It can also be crushed up into dust after crumbling. This type of Asbestos become highly hazardous if released into the air and inhaled by individuals. The main thing to notice here is that this class A asbestos, can quickly come in contact with the wind and can also be inhaled easily by an individual. 

Experts often come across pure Asbestos as the percentage of Asbestos, which is evident in Class A asbestos can go up to 100%. Necessary and complete actions should be taken to avoid the Asbestos getting into the air and then into individuals, thus creating hazardous problems.
The presence of friable asbestos is evident in the following:
• Insulation
• Behind floor tiles
• Dust contaminated by asbestos
• Deteriorating non-friable asbestos
Non-Fariable Asbestos
Class B or Non-Friable Asbestos
The non-friable Asbestos, also known as the class B asbestos. This doesn't get mixed up in the air, but it does get dissolved with materials like plastics or cement. This type of Asbestos is commonly used for building up architecture because it provides firm strength to the base of any architecture. The amount of this type of Asbestos is relatively less, not more than 15%. As compared to Class A asbestos, it is considered safe as long as it is encapsulated, undisturbed, and maintained.

For the removal of class B asbestos, a proper license along with effective technologies, is needed. Removing class B asbestos is relatively a minor task to perform than the regular Class A asbestos.

The presence of non-friable asbestos is evident in the following:
• Plastics, including adhesives and paints
• Joint compounds and plaster
• Applications of soundproofing
• Roofing and sliding tiles
• Cement and asbestos shingles
• Insulation materials for furnaces and pipes

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In around April 2018, new laws for the removal of Asbestos came, which included that there should be the proper certification for the companies that are playing the role of asbestos cleaners. 

We, the iDry Restorations team are highly qualified individuals holding proper certifications against asbestos removal along with appropriate measures and techniques. 

Disposing of and reducing this hazardous compound from individuals life is our top and foremost priority.
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