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Things You Didn't Know About Mold

On organic materials like food and paper, mold grows as a type of fungi. It can also grow in the air - this is why some people get sick when they are around mold spores for too long. Mold can be found almost anywhere, but it's more likely to be collected in damp or humid areas like basements or bathrooms. We'll go over 6 things you might not know about mold below!


It grows in damp, dark places.

Mold doesn't always grow in damp, dark places, which most people always think. But that's not the case, mold can grow in any place where it's moist, dark or both!

It doesn't have to be black.

Mold is often associated with black color because it grows on organic materials like paper and food - but mold spores are microscopic which means they're colorless (and don’t even need darkness). When there is an abundance of these spores in the air , then most people end up getting sick from breathing them all day long . That's why some people get coughs and cold symptoms when they go into places like basements for too long.

Mold is everywhere!

In spite of the fact that most molds grow outside, your home may have mold growing in it, too - sometimes without you even knowing about it! If there are moisture problems or leaks, then that's where molds are likely to grow. It is important for homeowners to remediate any indoor water damage they find immediately. It can be present from your bathroom to your kitchen

Mold can be dangerous!

People say that when something grows in your favorite book, it probably isn't good for the health of either one; and this is true with mold as well. Mold spores release microscopic toxins into the air and if these get breathed in (and are not expelled) then people end up getting sick from them.

In water damage

In the event your home is damaged by water, then the faster that problem gets fixed, will determine how much or how little of a chance there is for mold to grow. There are some instances when mold growth occurs after 72 hours so regardless of whether you've spotted signs of moisture problems earlier than this

In this case, you must call professionals who know what they're doing! They'll patch up the affected areas and help prevent future cases of indoor water damage with their expertise!


Organic material isn't always needed for mold to grow; it can also be found outside on windowsills where ceramic tiles meet stone.

Mold needs oxygen just like every other living organism out there; which means that if there is too much of it - it may become dangerous for your health.

Mold needs water to survive!

That's right, mold thrives in damp places that are humid or moist; whether you're talking about the outdoors or indoors. There are hidden sources everywhere!

Most common types

Black mold and white mold are the most common types of mold. These can be found just about anywhere that gets damp.

It's also important to know that for every type of mold, there are different kinds of health effects people suffer from breathing in their spores. If you're unsure if any mold is present in your home - it may be best not to take the risk and contact a professional before anything happens!


Mold can be found all over the place, so you should always try to remediate any water damage as soon as possible. Mold spores are dangerous for your health so it's best not to breathe them in or else you could end up with respiratory problems!

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