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Signs of Water Damage

It is important to be able to spot the signs of water damage. Whether you are a homeowner or a property manager, if you can identify what needs attention and when, it will save you time and money in the long run. But how do you know what to look for? We have compiled 7 ways that show common signs of water damage so that next time your home floods, flood insurance won't be as much of an expense!

Look for discoloration of the walls or ceilings.

If you notice that the walls or ceiling have a yellow or brown tint to them, it is likely due to water damage. This happens when mold grows on your drywall and dies off leaving behind this discoloration as evidence of its existence!

Notice any cracks in the drywall or ceiling tiles

If there are any cracks in the drywall or ceiling tiles, this could be a sign of water damage as well. Often times it is not visible from above and can only be seen by looking closely at your walls. Not all forms of flooding lead to mold growth but some do!

Smell moldy odors and mold around the home

When water damage has occurred, it is likely that mold will grow. If you are able to smell a musty odor in your home or notice any areas of black mold growing around windowsills and doors, this could be due to flooding!

Look for sagging floors in the basement

If there have been signs of significant water damage in your house or apartment, chances are some parts may start sinking slightly such as the bathroom flooring if the problem was with plumbing pipes located below these rooms.

Notice warped wood surrounding window frames and doorframes

Warped wood can indicate an issue with plumbing, which means you might need to get more information on what happened during past floods before moving forward with repairs! This also happens when wall studs become saturated with water and cannot dry out properly.

Check for bulging walls or floors in the basement

Bulging walls can be a sign of shifting foundations due to flooding, so if you notice this it is likely that your home needs professional attention as soon as possible!   The foundation may have been compromised, which means any minor settlement will cause more damage rather than being repaired quickly.

See if there's bubbling paint or wallpaper

If you notice bubbling paint or wallpaper in your home, it could be a sign of water damage because when drywall becomes saturated with moisture, the bubbles are formed by trapped air underneath the paper that is pushing against its surface.

One way to fix this issue right away without having to wait for drying time is by applying an acrylic primer over the wall and then re-papering after waiting for 24 hours!

Look for stains on the ceiling, walls, or floor

If you notice any stains on the ceiling, walls, or floor which are darker in color than their surrounding areas this could be a sign of water damage. In some cases this means that there was past mold growth and it will need to be taken care of before making further changes!

See if you notice any damp areas in your home

If you notice any areas of your home that are damp, this could be a sign of water damage because when wood becomes saturated with moisture it is likely to swell and the surrounding paint or wallpaper will begin peeling off.

This can also happen in areas where plumbing has been installed for bathrooms if there has been past flooding! Keep an eye out for this.


Keep an eye out for these signs of water damage and you should be able to avoid a lot of costly repairs in the future!

by applying above tips you can save yourself and your family from any flooding disaster, and we hope everyone will be safe using this guide.

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