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Preventing the Worst: Fire Prevention Strategies

You might be wondering, "why prevent a fire in my home when I have insurance? or Why will there be fire in my house?" The answer is simple - preventative efforts are much less expensive than post-fire damage. This blog post will focus on preventative measures you can take to reduce your fire risk and keep your family safe. Read on for more information about how to prevent a fire in your home!

Keep your stove clean and free of grease

Make sure you clean up any spills on your stove top quickly after they occur. Keep the surrounding area free of anything that might catch fire (e.g., towels, potholders). Always keep the burners and oven turned off when not in use to prevent accidents from occurring while you are cooking or cleaning near them.

Make sure your smoke detector is in working order

It is important to make sure you have the appropriate number of smoke detectors in your home (one per bedroom, one per floor). Test them often and replace batteries when needed. If possible, avoid installing a smoke detector at the top of a staircase because heat from fire rises. Contact an electrical professional if you need help installing or maintaining your hardwired smoke detectors.

Be careful with candles and other open flames

Keep lit candles away from anything that can burn (e.g., curtains, decorations). Never leave a candle unattended or within reach of children or pets. Keep the wax pool clear of debris to prevent it from catching fire when you extinguish your candle for the night. Extinguish the candle if it starts to flicker. Do not move a votive or tea light with your fingers; use tongs instead.

Clear away any clutter from the floor, such as clothes or newspapers

Make sure the floor is free of anything you don't want to catch fire for, especially if you have children or pets running around. If your house does not have a central heating system, make sure there are no vents open in unused rooms so hot air can escape immediately instead of collecting under closed doors and causing damage over time.

Keep all flammable materials in a safe place

Keep all flammable items (e.g., gasoline, paint thinner) in a safe place away from the reach of children or anyone else who might accidentally come across them and start another fire. If

If you store these items in the basement or garage, make sure there is nothing flammable stored nearby (e.g., boxes of magazines).

Never leave cooking unattended - even if it's just for a few minutes

Never walk away from cooking that is on the stove or in an oven - even if you are only stepping outside for a moment. If your food catches fire, turn off the burner and close the door to prevent it from spreading as quickly as possible.

Keep lighters away from children's reach

Keep lighters and other potential firestarters up high, out of reach of children. Dispose of old lighters to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Keep a fire extinguisher in your home

Make sure everyone in the home knows where to find a fire extinguisher and how to use it. Teach children what steps they should take if they start smelling smoke or see flames. If you have an electric stove, make sure that your fire extinguisher is appropriate for this type of appliance as well.

Never try to put out grease fires with water

This can make the fire much worse. Instead, turn off the burner and cover it with a lid to prevent oxygen from feeding the flames until you have extinguished them completely - this may take several minutes. If possible, use baking soda or salt as an alternative for smothering fires instead of using your extinguisher (ideally outdoors).


Fire is extremely disastrous and it can ruin your entire life but by being careful about preventable fire hazards in your home, you can prevent the worst from happening.

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