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Moldy curtains: what to do

You may be surprised to learn that there are steps you can take in order to get your curtains back into pristine condition. The mold might seem like an impossible task, but it's not! In this blog post we will discuss what needs done when fungus infects them and how prevent from happening again easily with some helpful tips for keeping your home clean all around


Identify the mold

The first sign of an infestation is usually seen as black spots or green patches. Can you spot any tell-tale signs that there could very well mold underneath those fancy drapes? Better yet – get rid of them immediately because only bacteria love dark places with wet surfaces!

Remove the mold

Be careful when working with bleach because it can cause unwanted staining. Wear protective gloves and make sure you avoid touching your face or hands while mixing the mixture! Mix one part water to three parts Clorox Regular-oatmeal based sanitizer until they look like paste ( Brookline Molds uses this same ratio). Apply a light coat onto any surface that needs removing; let dry before handling again

Check the curtains for damage

Mold can be a big problem for your home and it's important to remove any traces of mold from curtains. If you discover that there are signs or thinning material on them, then consider replacing those items instead so they don't cause more harm later down the line when washing becomes necessary again in future cleanings!

Allow the curtains to dry completely

To keep your items from getting moldy, make sure you completely dry the curtains after washing them. If it's not enough to hang them in different areas like near an open window or with plenty of ventilation but try not have too much moisture inside .

If the mold persists, consult a professional

We all know that home is where the heart is, but did you also realize this could mean trouble? Mold spores are lurking in places we might not even consider. They live for years without our knowledge and can grow into a big problem if left unchecked! For example: when water Damage occurs due to flooding or other natural disasters; it's important not only get rid of any mold Dearborn Michigan has accumulated throughout its history--but hire professionals who specialize on removing these pesky fungi so they don't come back again later down the line

Prevent future mold growth

Keep your curtains clean and dry to prevent mold from growing. If they get wet, remove them immediately so that the air can circulate before drying again with an appliance which helps keep you safe in your home!

Mold removal safety tips

When removing mold, always:

- Wear gloves

- Wear a mask

- Open windows for ventilation

- Avoid using fans

- Work in a well-lit area

You might think getting your home looking clean would take much more effort than doing them; however proper maintenance makes life easier overall. Mold, on the other hand is something that can be gotten rid of quickly if you know how! All it takes are these few steps and before long all will pay off in no time at first glance when we see our homes once again without any pesky mold contaminating every corner or lurking beneath surfaces


You can get rid of any unwanted fungi in your home by following these steps and treating them again within 6 months. Upholstery fabrics attract dirt like crazy, but with some care they'll stay clean for long periods without returning once more while looking great today through smart cleaning methods such as vacuuming or wiping down surfaces where there are stains regularly (including behind furniture).

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