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How to Maintain Your Timber Floors: 6 Tactics

Timber flooring has become a popular choice for homeowners in recent years. It is durable, long-lasting and beautiful. It is a little harder to Maintain Your Timber Floors and it does require some work on your part to maintain its beauty and prevent damage from occurring. This article will provide you with six tactics that will help maintain your timber floors so that they are always looking their best!

Sweep and Mop Your Floor with a Damp Cloth to Remove Dirt

To maintain the beauty of timber floors, you will need to sweep them regularly. Dirt is one of the most common sources for scratches on timber so be sure not to neglect mopping. Should any dirt remain after mopping, try using a vacuum cleaner when sweeping! For better results use an attachment rather than just dry vacuuming alone.

If there are any stubborn stains that won't come up easily (e.g., chocolate), let it sit overnight then scrub in the morning before starting another step in maintenance below.

During this process, make sure not to leave anything wet or dirty on your floor as moisture can cause cracks in your timber!

Vacuum the Floor Using an Attachment

It may be tempting to just use a vacuum cleaner, but in order to maintain your timber floors properly you will need more than that. Use an attachment instead of vacuuming alone so it is easier for dirt and dust particles on the surface of your wood to be sucked up by the vacuum. Ensure that any attachments are made from soft material as this does not scratch or damage your timber floors like metal bristles would do. This means less time spent sanding down any scratches later on!

For optimum results at least once every fortnight (or two weeks) try putting some furniture polish or wax onto your brush before brushing over dusty areas of the room's edges or corners. This will maintain the shine of your timber floors!

Use a Soft Brush to Sweep Dust From Corners and Edges

You might be tempted to use just any old broom, but this can damage or scratch your wood flooring if you are not careful. To maintain its beauty always use a soft-bristled brush for best results. If there is dirt on top of the dust (e.g., sand), it may clump up in some areas as well so make sure you go over these spots with a damp cloth before sweeping them away gently with the brush and then mopping afterwards too! Don't forget that using just dry vacuuming alone won't remove all of those stubborn particles which means more work for you later!

Apply a Thin Coat of Furniture Polish or Wax to Maintain Shine

A final step in maintaining your timber floors is constantly applying some form of polish or wax. This will maintain the shine and help seal any scratches that may have come about during sweeping, vacuuming, mopping etc. It's best not to use too much as this can leave streaks on the surface which could then lead to more dirt sticking around. Just make sure it doesn't look just like plain water before moving onto another part of maintenance below!

Add Shoe Protectors at Entrances

An important consideration when caring for your timber flooring is how you handle people who enter and exit your home. Make sure you place shoe protectors on the entrances to prevent dirt from being tracked inside and causing scratches or worse - gouges!

Repair Any Large Scratches by Sanding Them

Finally, if there are any long-term marks that won't come out with other methods of maintenance (e.g., furniture polish) then stop these before they turn into a scratch! It's best not to wait until this stage because it will be difficult for anyone else afterwards to fix the problem as well. Be careful when doing so though because timber floors can take more time than others in order to fully recover after scratching due to their natural material composition.


This blog post is about how to maintain your timber floors. Hopefully! You will not need any other guide for maintaining your timber floors.

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