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Everything About Meth: What you need to know

Methamphetamine, meth for short, is a strong stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It is one of the most addictive drugs available and can be found in both liquid and crystalline form. In this blog post we will discuss meth addiction, meth withdrawal symptoms, meth labs and much more!

What is methamphetamine and how does it affect the brain?

Methamphetamine is a strong stimulant drug that affects the central nervous system. It does so because meth releases high levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with movement and pleasure. High meth release causes an abundance of this chemical in two areas of the brain: the limbic system (responsible for emotions) and prefrontal cortex (involved in decision making and forming memories). When meth is released, dopamine floods the limbic system as well as the frontal lobe. This causes meth users to feel euphoric and experience an increase in energy levels.

The effects of meth are short lived however; they only last for a few hours after ingestion even though it can take days or weeks before one feels withdrawal symptoms. This is because meth is an addictive drug; it causes the brain to form a physical and chemical dependency on meth, making meth users more likely to seek meth again even after their effects wear off (referred as "tweaking" or experiencing meth cravings).

What are meth withdrawal symptoms and treatments?

Meth use can cause some very severe meth withdrawal symptoms when the meth user quits. Because meth is a stimulant, meth detox brings on very strong cravings for more meth in addition to severe depression and anxiety that can last over two

Meth withdrawal treatments are often used to help meth users treat their symptoms during meth detox. One of the most popular meth withdrawal treatments is benzodiazepines, medications that are sedatives and can greatly reduce anxiety. Meth users experiencing meth cravings may also benefit from nicotine replacement therapy with patches or gum, both of which release low levels of nicotine into the body in an attempt to satisfy meth cravings.

How do you recognize signs of meth use?

Recognizing meth use can be very difficult because meth is often used in private. However, there are some signs meth users may display when using meth, including weight loss due to lowered appetite and lack of sleep the night before (because meth releases high levels of dopamine into the body which inhibits feelings of fatigue). Other physical symptoms include having large amounts of energy and meth sores on the face and body due to meth users picking at their skin when they have high, red or puffy eyes, which are a result of meth constricting blood vessels in the eye. Meth addicts also have bad breath which is caused by poor hygiene during meth use.

Why you should never smoke or inject meth into your body?

Meth is a very dangerous drug. Injecting meth into your body can cause meth sores because meth users often use dirty needles, and smoking meth poses other health risks as well, including lung damage or reduced oxygen flow to the brain due to restricted breathing. Another reason meth smokers should not smoke meth is that even though it provides an immediate effect of increased meth levels in the brain, meth smoke also contains toxic chemicals that can damage meth users' lungs and respiratory system.

Meth is a strong drug with very dangerous withdrawal symptoms - meth detox should always be done under medical supervision to ensure safety of the meth user as well as others around them. Meth addiction treatment may involve behavioral therapy or medications such as meth withdrawal treatments.


Meth is a dangerous drug that should never be used under any circumstances. Meth withdrawal symptoms often last months and meth detox must always be done with medical supervision in order to ensure the safety of meth users as well as others around them.

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